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Allergy Tests and Shots

Allergy Tests:  If you have allergies, doctors can perform skin or blood tests to find out what is causing your allergies (for example, perhaps you are allergic to a certain type of plant, an animal, mold, etc...).  There are several different ways to perform the tests and the doctor will choose the one that works best for you.  Your allergy test results may show if allergy shots or other treatments may work for you.

Allergy Shots:  Allergy shots can provide relief for allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, watery eyes, itching, etc..  Shots are given on a regular basis for several years if allergy tests show they are likely to work.  Some people may not be able to have these shots due to age or because of certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, pregnancy or immune system issues.  Young children may also have problems with allergy shots.  If you are interested in considering allergy shots, please visit with one of our doctor or staff members. 

You can learn more about allergy testing and allergy shots by calling our office.  Information can also be found at WebMD: