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Cancer Screenings

WebMD estimates that in 2011, approximatly 1,596,670 people were diagnosed with cancer.  They go on to estimate that up to 35% of the deaths caused by cancer could be avoided through screenings that detect cancer early.  A screening is any test that helps provide doctors with information about whether someone has or may have a disease.

At Family Practice Associates, we offer cancer screenings to our patients, based on their age, sex and risk factors.  During Lab staffroutine exams (such as Well Woman Exams and Well Male Exams), our doctors will do an overall check of the body, take a personal and a family history then suggest any further tests that may be helpful.

Screenings that we offer include:  breast exams, cervical screening (also known as pap smears or tests), prostate exams, skin checks, thyroid tests and colonoscopies.  

To learn more about our services, please contact us. 

Portions of this explanation were taken from WebMD.