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Foreign Travel Vaccinations

When you travel outside the United States, you can run into diseases that we do not have here.  Getting immunizations or vaccinations (shots) before you go can help ensure that you will stay healthy during and after your trip.

The CDC recommends certain immunizations and vaccinations for children and adults depending on the area in which you are traveling.  They also provide information specifically for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Dr. Hilliard of Family Practice Associates is certified to provide Foreign Travel Vaccinations.  In addition, Family Practice Associates is a yellow fever site. 

Check with us as soon as you know you will be traveling to find out what shots are recommended before you go.   Sometimes it may take some time for the shot to take effect, so please call early!  We recommend that you see us at least six weeks before your departure date.

For more specific information, please call us or go to the CDC website at: