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Implantable Birth Control

Implantable birth control is a small, plastic rod placed under a woman's skin that releases a hormone to help prevent pregnancy.

Dr. MillerHow does implantable birth control work?

Implantable birth control releases hormones that prevent pregnancy, similar to the way that birth control pills do.  However, once put into place, implantable birth control lasts for three years, making it one form of birth control that women do not have to remember to take.

Where and how is it placed?

Dr. Annette Miller of Family Practice Associates numbs the skin in the inner, upper arm then uses an applicator to place a small, plastic rod (about the size of a match stick) under the skin.  The procedure is done at the clinic and takes only a few minutes.  

Does insurance cover implantable birth control?

Some insurance companies do cover this procedure.  Be sure to check with your insurance company.

Please note:  While implantable birth control is very effective in preventing pregnancy, it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

For more information about the benefits and side effects of the implantable birth control, please click on the following link: or call Family Practice Associates at (308) 865-2767.