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Pregnancy Care and Obstetrics

Obstetrics is the care of the mother and baby during pregnancy. At Family Practice Associates, we provide obstetrical care for low-risk pregnancies.

It is very important to begin seeing a doctor on a regular basis once you find out you are pregnant. 

During the first visit, your doctor will work with you to determine a due date, take a health history, discuss any family medical history and determine any potential risk factors.  You can find out more about the first visit by clicking on WebMD:

During your 10 -12 week visit, you should you able to hear your baby's heart beat, an exciting time for everyone involved!  You and your doctor will listen to the baby's heart beat at every visit after this.  And, at 18-20 weeks, your doctor will schedule an ultrasound so that you may see your first baby pictures!

In general, the doctor will see you each month until the last 4-6 weeks of your pregnancy.  Then, he or she will likely begin to see you more often.

At Family Practice Associates, we welcome Moms-to-Be and are excited to be part of this time in your life!

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