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Gynecology and Well-Woman Exams

Gynecology is the study of healthcare for women. Gynecology generally focuses on a woman's sex organs and includes such exams as a Pap Smear and breast exam. During a routine gynecology visit, the doctor may do a full Well Woman-Exam.

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While you may have a Pap Smear every year or you may have it less often, depending on your risk, you should have a Well-Woman Exam every year.  During this exam the doctor will perform a breast exam, take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and record your height and weight.  The doctor will ask about your health history and lifestyle (such as what you eat, if you exercise, if you smoke, etc...).  He or she may suggest lab work to look at your cholesterol, blood sugar and other signs that help determine if there are any problems.  Finally, the doctor may also provide any vaccinations (shots) needed.  

It's important to have a Well Woman Exam every year.  It helps keep you healthy and helps find potential problems.

For more information on Well Woman Exams, click on the following link at Healthfinder: