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Well-Male Exam

A Well-Male Exam is a check-up for men. The purpose of the exam is to help you stay healthy and decide if there is anything you need to do or change to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Paysen with Male Patient

During a Well-Male Exam, the doctor may take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and record your height and weight.  The doctor will ask about your health history and lifestyle (such as what you eat, if you exercise, if you smoke, etc...).  He or she may suggest lab work or other tests that will help provide information about your current health.  While the tests will depend on your age and risk for disease,  they may include cholesterol and blood sugar, cancer screenings and immunizations (shots), for example.

It is important for men to have regular Well-Male Exams.  Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.